Wednesday, December 7, 2016

   Kaiti beach

Yay it my favourite day today
I’m going to kaiti beach dad do we huff to go yes you huff to but last time some water went in my mouth remember yes i remember when i full
off my boogie board sait water is yak. Can we go diving please Dad. Do you want to Maverik. Yes but can we go diving. Fine get your gear and put it on. Dad what are we going to get . We’re getting all sorts. Can we have kina and paua soup. Next time can we have yum mussels. You can have 100 mussels yay. I like them.
by maverik

Monday, December 5, 2016

my wish list

my wish list

1. new go-kart                          12.tool box
2. lama                             drone                           Lego
4.race helmet                             15.go kart cloves
5.paintball gun                           16.balaclava
6.gas money                     
7.race car                        
10. Loiile
11.spray paint

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

How chocolate is made

First the beans get picked and dried in the sun.

Next they go to the factory to roast them in the machine.

Then they make the chocolate.
They make chocolate bars and mint chocolate also L.M.P chocolate.         By Maverik

monarch butterfly video

White pompom It reminds me of snow because it is white snow I don’t like snow because it is cold. My dad and mum said I'm not allowed in the cold or I will get sick and stay in bed all day and also read lots and lots of books. If I get better I can come back to school again to do learning again. Mum is it school today? Yes maverik it is school Dammit I forgot my bag. All my stuff is all over the house. I said to mum can you get my bag please. Ok maverik I will get your stuff. But my lunch box was dirty. By Maverik
My mum My mum is the best thing of all because you give me kfc .for launch. My mum is the best thing for all because you bake. with me. My mum is the best because you are awesome. My mum is the best because you are nice. My mum is the best because you are brave. My mum is the best because you are funny. My mum is the best because you are fun. By maverik!!!